Compliance Inspection Management Software 

                     for the Pharmaceutical Industry


All pharmaceutical and food manufacturing facilities are subject to 

inspections by regulatory agencies (FDA,….). The ComplyWell™ tool 

provides a framework for managing these inspections. 

      Technical Features & Associated Benefits

       Features          Benefits    
• Multi-User Excel 2010 front end • Nothing to install on users machines, easy to learn
• Multiple user types • Control "who does what" in the program
• VBA source code available • Easy to customize
• Password protected • Program protected from unauthorized changes
• Microsoft Access Database (standard) • Industry standard
• Automatic hourly backups • Minimal or no loss of data in case of hardware failure
• SQL Server or Oracle Database (optional) • If so required by corporate IT policy
• Custom Ribbon • Limits users to only allowed functions
• Context sensitive Help • Guides users as required
• Complete Change Log • Can fully trace ever change to data, who, what, when
• Production & Test Instances • Use Test Instance for training, clear indication that Test is in use
• Consistent User Interface • Rapid user learning curve
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