Compliance Inspection Management Software 

                     for the Pharmaceutical Industry

ComplyWell Results

A well run inspection has a group of employees in the "Inspection" room fielding requests from one or more regulatory inspectors.  The simple ComplyWell interface allows the scribes to quickly enter the requests into the ComplyWell database.  Simultaneously, there is a second group of employees in the "Strategy" room having instant access to the requests so that suitable responses can be prepared.  The goal is to provide the regulatory inspectors with complete, accurate and consistent responses ASAP.  The following graphs represents just some of the many reporting options in ComplyWell. 

This demonstrates the time delay between when the request was made and when the response was ready.
This recent inspection had a total of 484 requests made by the regulatory inspectors.  149 responses (31%) were prepared in under an hour because of the seamless communication between the Inspection room and the Strategy room.

Also note that there were still 76 requests (16%) that have not been answered even though the Inspection has been closed.  This demonstrates the flexibility of ComplyWell.  The software works with you, and does not "handcuff" you to rigid software rules.  The simple fact that these 76 requests had not been moved to Inspection is quite visible in the software, however, it was the opinion of the Inspection Lead that the work was done, the regulatory inspectors were satisfied.  These requests could remain in their current state.  The software did not burden the uses with non-value added work :)

Detailed performance metrics are also available on the document level.  A large part of generating a response to a specific request is showing the inspector(s) one or more documents of various types.  The following charts track the metrics on document retrieval: